Employee-owned: what does it mean?

As an employee-owned (EO) business, all our colleagues have a stake in our future. We don’t have external shareholders; instead our colleagues are stakeholders who each benefit from a distribution of our company profits.

Why did Scitech choose to become employee-owned?

In 2012, we became a 100% employee-owned company. This ensures that we will always retain the values that are so important to us and, as we grow, it is our customers and employees that continue to benefit.

What benefits does this bring to Scitech employees?

As well as benefiting financially from the distribution of profits they receive, research shows that members of employee-owned businesses are more engaged, more fulfilled, and less stressed.

As an EO we are self-governing which means we can be flexible and make business decisions quickly that can benefit customers and colleagues. , This enabled us to bring forward a part payment of the 2022 profit distribution to our colleagues to assist with the cost of living crisis. This is in addition to several health and wellbeing initiatives we continue to develop for our mutual benefit.

How does Scitech’s employee-owned status benefit its clients?

At Scitech, our reputation is built on talented people who deliver on our promises to our clients. We take great care and pride in every aspect of our work with everyone contributing as part of a team. As employee owners, colleagues feel more motivated, and driven to succeed to deliver for our customers.

These benefits are also reflected in research which shows that employee-owned companies have demonstrated they can achieve higher productivity, greater levels of innovation and are more resilient to economic turbulence.