Consumer Healthcare

Support with research and development and manufacturing facilities

Rising costs continue to be a challenge for manufacturing industries, including the consumer health sector, necessitating greater efficiency and smarter manufacturing facilities and processes while meeting demand for larger and faster production.

Companies considering outsourcing manufacturing to cheaper countries are now weighing up the challenges relating to product movement and the added complexities that Brexit has created, with many opting to introduce or expand UK operations.

At Scitech, we are here to help. Whether it is development of a flexible, multipurpose research and development laboratory, upgrading or expanding existing facilities, new facilities or consultancy regarding feasibility, safety, process improvement or compliance, we have the specific skills and capabilities required to support our clients. Our staff have worked client-side for many leading consumer healthcare companies. This has armed us with a deep technical and operational understanding and insight into the sector which we will apply to your project.

In accessing our consumer healthcare services, you will benefit from:

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