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The biotechnology industry continues to thrive and is widely considered to be a sector that will experience long-term growth as more innovative products and solutions are entering the market.

Within the UK, investment in the development of new medicines, bio-based chemicals, vaccines, and recent ground-breaking therapeutics such as cell and gene therapy products remain strong. Interest also continues to grow in innovative technologies impacting different sectors, by transforming the landscape for CO2-intensive industries, such as replacing additives derived from petroleum-based chemicals with biobased chemicals, biodegradable plastics, or alternative food and drinks from non-animal sources.

At Scitech, we are proud of our long history in supporting many biologics manufacturing organisations to either set-up, improve or scale up their laboratories, pilot plants, and GMP and non-GMP manufacturing facilities. We have in-house engineers with extensive experience such as expertise within biologics, some of which supported the development of the underlying biochemistry and bioprocessing principals in academia and industry and who have a successful track record of working in major biologics manufacturing and cGMP facilities in the UK.

Our in-house design and engineering team will work concurrently with client teams and can support projects at various stages of feasibility/concept study, scheme/basic design to detail design, construction, and commissioning/validation.

We hold significant experience and expertise within this sector and can support in the following areas:

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