Animal Health

Tailored solutions for the production of veterinary products

Ill-health in animals can have significant impacts on the economy, the environment and society, particularly where adverse events can affect the food chain and just-in-time manufacturing. Recognising this, the UK government has invested heavily in developing more effective systems of prevention, surveillance and response supported by the best science.

As a nation of animal lovers, pet ownership is growing and with it increased consumer spending on veterinary products, diagnostics and treatments. This has resulted in a rise in demand for modern, future-ready R&D and manufacturing facilities to serve the UK animal health market.

At Scitech, we develop unique tailored solutions targeted specifically for the animal health industries. We have the capabilities, expertise and experience to support a broad range of new build or expansion projects that span the full spectrum from research farm through to manufacturing and packaging of the final therapeutic. We understand the stringent control measures required for the production of veterinary products and we appreciate that our clients will have unique requirements. We will take the time to understand what you do and what your objectives are so that we can give you the best possible outcome.

In accessing our services, you will benefit from our sector-specific expertise and unique approach to project delivery which includes:

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