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Radiopharmaceutical facility design and construction from Scitech

Scitech are pleased to announce the establishment of a Radiopharmaceutical centre of excellence which will be located within our newly opened German office, located in Lower Saxony and headed by industry veteran Marlous van der Hooft as Managing Director of Scitech Gmbh.

In recognition of the growth in the demand for traditional and new imaging diagnostics is increasing, and the discovery and development of targeted therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals is bringing new treatments to market,

Scitech has over 20 years of continuous experience in the design, construction and validation of radiopharmaceutical imaging, research and manufacturing facilities. These range from well characterised PET and SPECT diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals, and increasingly through to alpha and beta emitters for targeted cancer therapies.

Scitech works globally with a wide range of radiopharmaceutical research and manufacturing organisations, with settings including healthcare (hospitals), research and commercial radioisotope and radiopharmaceutical manufacturers. Our highly evolved radiopharmaceutical understanding, together with our core pharmaceutical production, GMP compliance and containment skills, enables us to provide a single-point service solution for radiopharmaceutical processes, equipment, facility and utility definition, design, engineering construction and validation. Whether your requirement is new build, extension, remodelling or refurbishment, we have the experience and skills in radiopharmaceutical facility design and construction to meet your requirements.

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