Cleaning Validation

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Cleaning validation (CV) is a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirement to ensure that residues from batch to batch, or product to product for multi-product facilities, are not carried over cross contaminating the next batch/product.

The validation of the cleaning process is establishing documented evidence that the process is effective and able to remove contaminants from previous batches/products, plus residues from cleaning agents as well as the control of possible outside microbial contaminants.

Cleaning validation not only ensures compliance to regulatory requirements but critically it enables the identification and correction of problems which could compromise the safety, quality or efficacy of subsequent batches or products.

At Scitech, our team has the expertise in cleaning validation and are available to support you with your needs. Scitech offers specialist expertise in validating a wide range of equipment and manufacturing processes, specifically within the pharmaceutical, medical device and wider life science and advanced technology sectors. As such, we will always strive to match our expertise with your specific requirements.

Our cleaning validation services include:

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