Staff training: our commitment to upskilling our staff

So this month our staff were invited to attend a series of business skills and leadership and management training delivered by Bespoke Training Services (Wiltshire) Ltd, a company which specialises in tailored training courses designed to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Emma Dawas, HR Manager at Scitech, said: “We recognise the importance of maintaining high levels of competency in all skill sets and not just through technical abilities. In offering regular training, we can ensure that our staff feel confident, equipped and supported to deliver high quality work and safeguard against unnecessary stresses.

“We have been working with Bespoke Training for five years now and are always impressed by how Anne and the team personalise each session according to the needs of the individual team members attending to ensure everyone gets what they need from the session.”

The leadership and management training is just one of the many professional development workshops provided alongside lunch & learns, CPD sessions and access to training via our online training platform. We also encourage attendance at relevant conferences and seminars to ensure staff learning and insight within the sector is up-to-date.

Anne Messer, Managing Director at Bespoke Training Services, said: “It is so important for companies to recognise that training isn’t a checkbox exercise and that investing in people and people management is crucial to any business success. Scitech is very good at recognising this. I have enjoyed working with Scitech and its employees for many years, ensuring that they have the skills they need.”

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