Thermal Mapping

Thermal Mapping Execution from Scitech

For the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, properly maintained, calibrated, and validated equipment and facilities are essential, not just for regulatory compliance but for efficient and profitable operations.

Thermal mapping execution is an essential component of this, which ensures your facility or equipment will operate at, and maintain, the required temperature range.

At Scitech, our highly knowledgeable and experienced team is available for independent thermal mapping execution and delivery. This includes temperature mapping of warehouses or manufacturing facilities and process equipment such as cryogenic storage, fridges, freezer cold-rooms incubators through to autoclaves, dry heat sterilisation/depyrogenation ovens and tunnels. We also provide cold chain distribution qualification (temperature mapping).

Our specific life science and pharmaceutical experience is invaluable to clients who are looking for more than just a validation exercise and require expert advice on how to optimise even the most complex of processes. Our team also provides remediation advice and consultancy should you find that you are experiencing temperature control issues.

Through our services, you will benefit from:

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