Controlled Environments

Design, construction and commissioning in controlled environments

Design or construction of controlled environments, whether it is an upgrade to an existing site or a brand new facility, requires significant investment. It is critical that risks are managed in order to ensure quality and safety, yet companies require these risks to often be balanced against cost constraints. Within the pharmaceutical and wider life sciences sector, this is of particular importance where there are stringent regulatory requirements and controlled environments that require the highest standards of project control and delivery.

At Scitech, our multidisciplinary team of specialist architects, building services, process and mechanical engineers have the capability to address these challenges. We have high levels of expertise in the design, construction and commissioning and qualification of controlled environments, from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and radiopharmaceutical clean rooms, containment laboratories, or pharmaceutical warehouses for finished products or raw materials. We have experience designing and building facilities for the veterinary, food and cosmetic sectors.

Drawing on our extensive cleanroom design experience we can meet your specific process requirements, particularly if you are renovating an existing facility that requires a new optimised HVAC system, cascading pressure regimes, the designing of clean utility systems, process control and automation or piping of processed gases.

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