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The rise of Cell & Gene Therapy and other Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) heralds a new era in healthcare. Novel medicines based on genetic engineering, innovative cell-based therapies and tissue-engineered products are increasingly providing treatment and prevention options to address areas of unmet need and facilitating more patient-centric approaches.

The UK is recognised as a world leader in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products research; however, manufacturing capacity of this technology has traditionally been low due, in part, to its complexity, cost and the difficulties associated with the scaling-up and scaling-out for commercialisation.

Scitech can help address these challenges. Our expert team of bioprocess engineers, process architects,  within the biotechnology sector delivering tailored Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and containment projects that are compliant, cost effective and flexible. Our subject matter experts will use their detailed know-how to deliver and oversee every stage of your project from the design of a facility to the selection of hardware and software, while ensuring all regulations are met and the project is built to be scalable.

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