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In highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences, having Qualification and Validation (Q&V) carried out to the requisite standard is a mandatory requirement.

The documented evidence provides a high degree of assurance that a specific process will consistently produce a product meeting its predetermined specifications and quality characteristics. Yet achieving this can be challenging.

Regulatory requirements are constantly changing, and the need for maximising efficiency has never been greater. Yet despite the critical nature of qualification and validation, many companies lack the in-house expertise and resources to undertake this sufficiently and so turn to qualification and validation specialists, specifically within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences industries.

At Scitech, we have a large team of qualification and validation consultants available to provide guidance on all aspects of qualification and validation. Our team holds extensive experience, knowledge and technical expertise developed over many years servicing the pharmaceutical, radio pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and life sciences industries. We can provide support for the full qualification and validation life cycle whether that be the traditional validation model, or a more risk-based approach.

We will support and guide you throughout your project and will ensure that all work is focused where it is needed and where it adds value.

In accessing our specialist qualification and validation services, you will benefit from:

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