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We provide construction delivery and project management services for life sciences, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and technology sectors. In the delivery of every project we undertake, we make it our business to understand fully the client needs, constraints, and ensure that their specific requirements are met via a tailored approach through our construction project management service offering.

Scitech provides a comprehensive approach that covers every aspect of your project, from planning and design to procurement and delivery to commissioning and putting into use, equipment, facilities and processes. This involves working with the client, as well as the design team(s), supply chain and other stakeholders, to ensure that your project is effectively delivered and received. Our specialist construction management teams have proven experience in delivery under live operational constraints, whilst understanding the intrinsic requirements and standards pertaining to safety, quality, performance, reliability and budget.

Our approach is process and compliance focussed. Many of our projects support our clients’ licensed research or manufacturing operations, requiring embedment of compliance with regulatory standards to ensure that statutory licenses such as FDA or MHRA are secured. This regulatory compliance background drives our processes and controls and also assures high performance in non-regulatory projects.

Our experience spans construction and commissioning of cleanrooms, containment facilities, laboratories, development sites, primary and secondary manufacturing, packaging facilities, logistics operations, diagnostic centres, radiopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical facilities, working in live operational environments and have substantial experience in the sensitive management of this key interface with the relevant businesses and their stakeholders.

Scitech’s construction service offering includes:

  • Traditional Construction Contracting.
  • Design & Build and EPC(V).
  • Construction Management and EPCM(V).
  • Management Contracting.
  • Pre-Construction Services and Early Contractor Engagement.
  • Due Diligence.
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