Welcoming Marlous van der Hooft: Leading Scitech’s Expansion into Germany

We are delighted to introduce Marlous van der Hooft as the new Managing Director and General Manager of Scitech GmbH, spearheading our expansion into Germany.

Having nearly two decades of expertise in establishing, managing and leading radiopharmaceutical manufacturing processes, facilities, and sites, Marlous is well-respected within the field. Marlous’s exceptional track record includes the successful launch of 13 production sites across Europe, both for principal and contract manufacturing. Her dedication and leadership have left an indelible mark on the industry, setting the stage for operational excellence and continuous improvement.

With a background in pharmaceutical microbiology, Marlous’s proficiency spans a wide spectrum – from lean manufacturing and process enhancement to quality control, QC method development, validation and compliance, supply chain management, regulatory strategy and medicines licensing.

Marlous’s appointment as Scitech GmbH Managing Director and General Manager underscores our commitment to driving innovation and expanding our horizons. As an integral part of the Scitech family, Scitech GmbH will provide quality and regulatory consulting, qualification and validation services, design and engineering and other consultancy support within the traditional pharmaceutical environment, primarily in German-speaking Europe. Additionally, Scitech GmbH will also operate as a global centre of excellence in radiopharmaceuticals, supplementing and drawing on the extensive proficiency of subject matter experts from across the Scitech group. 

Marlous’s extensive knowledge and visionary leadership are poised to elevate Scitech’s presence in Germany and beyond. 

Marlous said: “I am delighted to lead Scitech’s expansion into Germany, a vibrant hub of scientific innovation and collaboration. This presents an extraordinary opportunity for Scitech to further solidify its presence on the global stage, contributing to groundbreaking advancements in radiopharmaceutical manufacturing. Together, we will unlock new possibilities, forge impactful partnerships, and continue to drive excellence in delivering cutting-edge solutions to benefit patients and the healthcare community.”

We warmly welcome Marlous van der Hooft to the Scitech family and eagerly anticipate the incredible contributions she will make as we venture into new frontiers.

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