Lewis White

Lewis White

Mechanical Engineering Team Leader / Trustee

Lewis is responsible for the management of the Mechanical Engineering team. He is an experienced mechanical engineer with specific specialism in radiopharmaceutical, process, and fine chemical main contracting industries. This includes 11 years in food, beverage, dairy equipment design, manufacture, and commissioning; and 35 years fine chemical, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutics main contracting.

Lewis has worked on a broad range of projects including the specification, testing and installation of Cyclotrons, R&D and GMP Hot Cells, containment enclosures including associated laboratory facilities, hygienic equipment design, PET/CT and MRI scanner, primary and secondary pharmaceuticals installations and works collaboratively with our life science and biotechnology experts.

He has extensive experience of working in specialist equipment vendors during design, mock-up, build and testing. His extensive site work experience has included construction, mechanical completion, IQ/OQ, commissioning and bringing to operation new and refurbished specialist pharmaceutical and radiopharmaceutical facilities.

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