Celebrating Scitech’s employee ownership and the spirit of #TheEOeffect

Last week, we joined EO businesses across the UK in celebrating the annual Employee Ownership (EO) Day on 23 June. As a 100% employee-owned company, this day holds significant meaning for us, highlighting the benefits and impact of employee ownership. In this blog, we share how we have been marking Employee Ownership and delve into the significance of #TheEOeffect.

Employee Ownership in a word

To kick start the celebrations, we invited our colleagues to contribute to the Scitech Word Cloud. Employees were encouraged to share a single word that encapsulates their feelings about being an employee owner at Scitech. This collaborative activity allowed us to unite and acknowledge the diverse range of perspectives within our organisation.

Word cloud generated by Scitech staff to mark EO Day

Sharing and inspiring

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new quarterly Scitech Newsletter. This informative publication aims to keep our employee-owners informed about the latest developments within our company. By sharing stories, updates, and achievements, the newsletter fosters a sense of community and ensures that each employee is aware of the significant contributions they make towards our shared success. Our first edition is set to be a must-read, packed with exciting news and inspiring stories from across our organisation.

Celebrating together

Last week, whether at Scitech House, Cardiff, Antwerp, or Manchester, our employee owners gathered to celebrate. At Scitech House, we enjoyed a delightful lunch and cake on our decking. In Cardiff, our team savoured homemade food and enjoyed a trip to a local carvery. Meanwhile, our Antwerp colleagues indulged in a delectable selection of homemade cakes, and in Manchester, the team came together for food and drinks after work. These celebrations strengthen the bonds between us as employee owners, reinforcing our collective achievements and unwavering dedication.

The EO Effect

Being a 100% employee-owned company, we understand the immense value each employee owner brings to our success. Through the EO activities highlighted, we reinforce our sense of unity, motivation, and shared purpose. As we spread the EO spirit, we hope to inspire others to embrace employee ownership and experience the transformative #EOEffect. Together, we continue to thrive and deliver excellence at Scitech.

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