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What Scitech can offer:

Scitech’s proven ability in Design and Construction has a strong foothold in the Life Sciences market place.  Our extensive experience and unparalleled ability to advise in a variety of design capacities, from Architectural, M&E and Process designs to producing complete packages for Tender, Construction and Commissioning, distinguishes us as a multi-faceted business with the knowledge and skill-set necessary to fulfil the requirements of our Life Sciences partners to an excellent standard.

Benefits to the Landlord

  • Procurement of all necessary approvals.
  • Ensuring that all works to be carried out are directed through the right channels prior to site commencement.
  • Facilitation of meaningful and effective dialog between all parties to ensure the best results are achieved.
  • A single point of contact for quick resolution and dissemination of information to the entire team.
  • Option of taking ownership of the management of the project in its entirety, including sourcing and managing suitable and appropriate sub-contractors.
  • Acting as an impartial mediator between landlord and tenant to resolve any design and build concerns in an open and collaborative manner for the benefit of all concerned. Any grievances are resolved at an earlier stage to avoid lengthy delays and unhappiness.

Benefits to the Tenant

  • Provision of a one-stop shop for all aspects of design, build and commissioning at all stages of development, including capacity to advise under all Construction, Design and Management (CDM) matters.
  • Managing the contract between the parties.
  • Engaging in all building statutory remits and safeguarding all necessary approvals are obtained prior to construction commencement.
  • Providing advice on existing utilities and their suitability to the daily operation and future demands of the business.
  • Advise on future risk mitigation to ensure the enabling of adaptability and spatial arrangement of services for years to come.

We are a hard-working company which aims to establish a good working partnership between our Client and their landlord whilst delivering a full design and build solution, maintaining a friendly and amicable flow of communication between all parties.  We are also able to provide extended services to encompass third party organisations which may be an integral part of the complete works, such as early stage engagement and production of work packages for statutory institutions including the local Planning Authority, Building Control and locally appointed fire officers.

This collaborative approach, in a knowledgeable, co-ordinated and comprehensive package drives the perfect outcome – an outcome where all stand to benefit. Our vision is to contribute to the creation of a cohesive, multi-disciplinary environment which will enable further research and development to flourish and pave the way for future innovation.