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Scitech, an employee owned business, has been announced on the European Business Award’s ones to watch list for this year’s “Workplace and People Development Award”. We owe our success, so far, in this award to Scitech’s continued investment in our people and working environment. Numerous initiatives have been introduced at Scitech to encourage personal and professional development for our employees which gives us an advantage when working to provide our clients with their perfect outcomes.

All Scitech staff complete an Employee Development Plan (EDP) which encourages managers and employees to set aside time to discuss personal goals that the employees want to achieve and skills they want to develop at work, as a result Scitech looks in to training programs and opportunities to help reach these targets and satisfy these desires benefitting everyone in the process. An example of these development options is our “Lunch and learn” sessions hosted by Scitech which involves external speakers to giving talks at voluntary lunch events where they often discuss industry topics with an open invitation to all Scitech staff interested in the session. These sessions provide our in-house engineers, architects, and designers with interesting points of discussion which improves their already first-class technical understanding and practise ensuring they are always at the forefront of their fields. This offer of continuous development is extended also to our placement students, whom we take on every year from multiple course disciplines, so they can get the most out of their time at Scitech. Furthermore, feedback from our past students suggests the opportunity to put their learnings into action whilst gaining work experience is invaluable for their future prospects.

In addition to developing our employees, Scitech is also keen to make Scitech House feel like a home, somewhere that employees enjoy working. For example, after a recent thought-provoking mental health awareness course undertaken by our managers, the introduction of a Scitech social room within Scitech house was implemented as a hub where staff can gather together and enjoy their lunch away from work and socialise with other staff members that perhaps they otherwise wouldn’t interact with. Scitech is a company that prides itself on its interdisciplinary qualities the strengthening of internal communication between departments is important for everyone.

We at Scitech are pleased that our efforts in developing our people and working environment have been regarded as worthy for continued success in the European Business Awards and endeavour to continue our drive for employee development and comfort; welcoming the benefits it offers our employees and clients alike.

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July 2019