Corporate Responsibility


Corporate, social and environmental responsibility and integrity

Scitech is committed to maintaining and promoting the highest standards of corporate, social and environmental responsibility and integrity.  Our customers, employees, suppliers, neighbours and others affected by our business expect and deserve this commitment to be reflected in all aspects of our corporate behaviour and that of our staff. In turn, we expect this standard to be upheld by those with whom we engage during the course of our business activities.

Responsibility for implementation, maintenance and improvement rests upon every member of the Scitech team.

What makes our delivery better?

Well laid plans, exemplary skills, depth of experience
and first-class talent

A dedication to life science clients and a determination
to seek excellence in their complex projects

Building diverse and exemplary life science projects with best practice and innovative solutions

Integrated qualification team ensures a smooth transition between commissioning, qualification and validation

Pre-qualified managed subcontractor supply chain achieving consistently high standards and value

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