Commitment to staff wellbeing: spinal health

We know the importance of positively supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of all Scitech staff and contractors. Our wellbeing strategy is key to fostering a supportive environment across our teams.

As part of our wellbeing activities, we recently partnered with Halsa Chiropractic & Physiotherapy practice to offer a talk on spinal health at Scitech House, our head office in Godalming. Colleagues were invited to book a posture assessment – analysing back health, top to toe posture and alignments at key points of the body using a spinal analysis machine.

The talk focussed on stress and the nervous system, the spine and posture – with tips and guidance for spinal health and wellbeing. Dr David Mutombo explained how the spine connects with every function and organ in the human body and, as a result, plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Emma Dawas, HR Manager at Scitech, said: “Dr Mutombo gave a fascinating talk, which was very interactive and was very well received by everyone who attended. I think we can all benefit from his advice and tips for a healthy spine and nervous system.

Scitech’s wellbeing strategy builds upon all the required regulatory health & safety and environmental requirements to provide a holistic approach to staff wellbeing. It is designed to support a range of life’s challenges both inside and outside the workplace and part of this approach include events, webinars and training that are of benefit to all colleagues.

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