What makes us different?


Drive. Collaboration. Open. Accountable.
These are Scitech’s values that deliver the difference.

We are ambitious

We are flexible and responsive to the changing needs of our customers. Everything we do is aligned with our ultimate goal of delivering value for our clients.

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We are collaborative

At Scitech means communicating clearly and honestly with others to ensure trusting working relationships are developed and maintained across the business and with our clients.

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A culture of openness

Mutual respect and trust where everyone’s ideas and opinions count. Our goal is to make sound business decisions to create a diverse, inclusive and sustainable business across all our locations.

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Being accountable

We each own our individual contribution to client delivery, refining and improving how we deliver those outcomes at every opportunity.

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All employees are owners of Scitech

All employees are owners of Scitech. We have a collective responsibility for creating a working environment where people feel fulfilled and rewarded.

Our Employee Charter commitments:

  • We have responsibility for, and share in the success of, the business
  • We are highly valued and respected
  • We are encouraged to speak out and “own” our ideas
  • We all strive to make sure people are happy and healthy with a good work life balance
  • We all strive for the highest of standards for our customers, for the wider community and for the environment
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A real stake in Scitech’s future