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Jack, Graduate Mechanical Engineer

From Placement to Graduate – May 2020 

After completing my summer work placement with Scitech, I was overjoyed when Scitech made me an offer to take me on as a full time Graduate Mechanical Engineer. I have recently passed my anniversary working with Scitech. I am now a working student at Scitech, and I have finished the first year of my master’s course. Scitech have been very accommodating with my studies and I have learnt a lot from my colleagues.

Since joining Scitech fulltime I have been given more responsibilities than I had during my summer placement, ranging from involvement in client meetings to attending and participating in equipment demonstrations on site, giving me valuable experience, which is helping in my development as an engineer and in my professional career. The variety of projects I have worked on during the last year has been vast, allowing me to see the inner workings of the Pharma & Life Science industries. These opportunities provide me with a better understanding of the industries we operate in as a company.

There is a great working environment at Scitech, and I am enjoying the work I am set and the experience I have gained. I hope to progress in my role and widen my skill set in the coming years as I have done this past 12 months.

Thomas, Junior Quantity Surveyor

A Year at Scitech – April 2019  

I am a Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management student working at Scitech as part of an apprenticeship. A year on from joining Scitech and I am now in my 3rd year of studying. Working at Scitech has been a great experience so far. From the start I have been challenged with all the practical sides of being a quantity surveyor in the industry. Before I arrived, I had no knowledge about the pharma and life science industry as I had only worked on domestic building sites. Being a member of the commercial team has allowed me to gain a real insight to the role of Quantity Surveyors in these industries.

The working environment at Scitech is dynamic with learning opportunities both in and outside the office. Working as part of a team allowed for an easy transition into the workplace where support is always available when needed. Scitech have been extremely helpful and understanding in regard to my studies, my colleagues are always there to help and provide advice and information when needed and always offer their services and knowledge to help with my degree.

I’ve travelled to several sites all over the UK and been given opportunities to join and contribute to meetings. Additionally, I was given the opportunity to attend the ISPE annual conference, there I was able to network with other passionate young professionals and learn about revolutionary technologies transforming the pharma industry.

I have really enjoyed my first year at Scitech and hope for many more enjoyable years to come.

Abi, Marketing Assistant

Progressing through my Placement Year – March 2019  

I have thoroughly enjoyed completing 9 months at Scitech and I am beginning to reflect on my time in the business and what I have gained from the Placement year. I have seen a valuable difference in both my professional and personal growth as I have gained an awareness for business functionality and an appreciation of my own abilities.

When I joined in June last year I was focused on learning about Scitech, how they worked as a company and assisting in marketing activities. Since then I have been given more responsibility with relevant involvement to indepth marketing strategies and plans. Through this I recognised how to implement my previous studies in a real-life business environment, building upon my marketing knowledge.

Scitech have also made a continuous effort throughout the year to advance my skills through learning. I have been given the opportunity to attend conferences to gain insight into the life sciences industry; involvement in larger projects within the business to broaden my understanding of Scitech’s operations and introductions to new software applications. With this learning I have gained confidence in my own ability and seen the positive impact I can have to the wider business.

With only a few months left of my placement I feel prepared to head back to University in September with a wealth of knowledge, time management and communication skills to facilitate my final year of study and ultimately my career, which I can positively accredit to Scitech’s generous nature.

Jonathan, Industrial Placement

Engineering Placement – January 2019  

I am a chemical engineering student on a year’s placement at Scitech and its been a great experience so far. From the start I have been challenged with real life process work drawing on academic knowledge and developing my engineering judgement. Before I arrived here I had an interest in the pharma side of process engineering but knew very little about the field. Being a member of the process team has allowed me to gain a real insight to the role of process engineers in the pharma and life science industries. Also, being a multidisciplinary company, I have been able to observe how the process team interact with other disciplines and learn about their roles also.

The working environment at Scitech is dynamic with learning opportunities both in and outside the office. Working as part of a team allowed for an easy transition into the workplace where support is always available if needed. I also was able to get involved process modelling, becoming a much-valued member of the team.

I’ve travelled to several sites all over the UK and been given opportunities to join and contribute to meetings. Additionally, I was given the opportunity to attend the ISPE annual conference, there I was able to network with other passionate young professionals and learn about revolutionary technologies transforming the pharma industry. All in all, my time here has helped me decide what industry I want to enter upon graduation and I’m excited to see what my next few months at Scitech brings.

Matt, IT Support / Document Controller

Two years on – November 2018

Once I had finished my A-Levels at 18 I was not sure what I wanted to do when it came to work, as I knew University wasn’t for me. I had a couple of options which I could have gone down but then I heard about a Junior IT role at Scitech and decided to go for it as IT is an area that interests me.

I was keen to get qualifications whilst working at Scitech and I was pleased they were on the same wavelength, having allowed me to undertake an apprenticeship with 3aaa. I have since completed Pearson BTEC Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma and am now working on Pearson BTEC Level 4 Diploma in Professional Competence and City & Guilds Level 4 Diploma for ICT Professionals.

2 years on I am still at Scitech thoroughly enjoying my time here. I feel as though I am progressing in my role, whilst taking on more responsibilities and tasks. It has been brilliant to have the ability to develop new skills and knowledge, not only in IT but also the Pharmaceutical and Life Science industry.

Jack, Summer Placement Engineering Student

A summer with Scitech – October 2018

After studying Mechanical Engineering in first year at university I changed course to industrial design and was on the fence to whether it was beneficial to do a year in industry. I looked online for different roles and disciplines to apply for which started my interest for a summer placement.

I was introduced to Scitech through a friend of my parents. I then looked through their case studies online and found the work to be very interesting. I sent my CV over and was surprised how friendly and welcoming everyone was on first contact. After a face to face interview with two Senior Engineers, where I enquired more about what the company did, the more it interested me.

After being with Scitech for a little over two months not only did I feel settled in, I felt I had been given a lot of responsibilities, I have also gained as much experience as I expected to gain through a whole year of placement work. This has come from going through engineering drawings, creating schedules, using that information to get quotes from suppliers, and seeing construction work on site.

Abigail, Marketing Assistant

A new placement – July 2018

I chose to study Business and Management at the University of Portsmouth to get a wide scope of business and give myself more career options further on. Initially I was not keen on doing a placement year. It was only in my second year I realised how valuable a placement year would be to both my personal and professional growth whilst solidifying the areas within business I most enjoy, therefore I started looking and applying for placements that interested me.

At first glance Scitech didn’t seem like a place I would fit in as I had no knowledge around the specific sector work they do, however, I began reading about their company and ‘Perfect Outcome’ philosophy and found their work within the Life Science sector to be more interesting than other companies. However, it was after my telephone and face to face interview that I realised Scitech was the placement for me. Scitech employees and the working environment are welcoming and friendly, they really cared about what I wanted from the opportunity whilst making sure I was what they wanted.

I have now been at Scitech for a few weeks and I already feel settled in. As it is a small-medium sized company I was able to have a full induction where I was able to meet managers of all disciplines so I could fully understand and be involved in the business. I have continued to find their work interesting as I have learnt more and more details of what they do. Furthermore the marketing assistant role has a variety of responsibilities within and outside of marketing. This will allow me to clarify what areas of business I would like to progress in.

Parry, Validation Specialist

One year on – June 2018

I still remember my first day at Scitech and on site, everybody I met was extremely approachable and this eased my transition into the company and project. Every day I would meet new people and came across new technical terms and concepts. Over time, I have had the opportunity to work and be trained by some of the best (and patient) personnel at Scitech. Looking back at what I have learnt and achieved over the past year, I can say that Scitech has not only developed my technical expertise, but also built my character and aspiration to deliver the best outcomes for the company and our clients.

Although I am primarily based in the North East of England, I have worked on several side projects in other parts of the country as part of my professional development. These projects have exposed me to the diverse nature of projects and clients. I have learnt how to find a good balance between doing hands on and office based work, as this requires excellent management and organisational skills. Over the course of time and with more projects, I see my skill set and technical ability being developed holistically. I would like to say a big thank you to senior staff at Scitech who have mentored and trained me over the past year.

I am now clearly aware of the skill set I need to develop over the next few years. With exciting projects on the horizon, the next few years will be instrumental in shaping what I can offer to the company and our clients. Looking to the future, I see myself working independently on every stage of the project lifecycle from bidding to completion, and establishing myself as an invaluable member of the company.

Elisha, Technical Administrator

Continuous Professional Development – April 2018

After a few years working for Scitech I chose to complete the APM Project Management Qualification because I wanted to further develop my Project Management skills, understand in more detail the responsibilities of project managers and to know what processes should be in place to support project managers in completing a successful project.

As part of the qualification I was asked to work through an APM Project Management Qualification Pre-Study Workbook which meant reading through a thick text book and writing essays. While doing the qualification and the course I enjoyed learning new material, meeting new people on the course, sharing different experiences from a project management point of view and the team work exercises we did throughout the week.

The course helped my understanding of the roles and responsibilities of individuals in Scitech, such as; Project Managers, Quality Managers, Technical Team Project Office, Sponsor, Quality Assurance. The course also helped my understanding of the importance of governance to an organisation such as Scitech where every project is unique, the importance of leadership and risk management to the project as well as to the organisation – I could go on but these topics hit me the most in the week during the course.

I would like to say a special thank you to Dave Grant who set regular time aside prior to my course to help me with any pre-course material I was struggling with. I cannot thank everyone at Scitech enough for the support they gave me to prepare for the course.

Thomas, Apprentice Quantity Surveyor

Being part of an Apprenticeship – March 2018

After finishing my GCSE’s at 16 years old, I went on to do an apprenticeship in carpentry and after 3 years as an apprentice I gained my level 3 NVQ. I decided to go to university to study Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management.

I am now in the second year of my degree and have 2 more to go. Up until Christmas I was still working on site as a carpenter while applying for jobs as a trainee Quantity Surveyor. When I came across the Scitech post (advertised for a graduate Quantity Surveyor) I applied anyway and was pleased when I got a phone interview. I was invited to come to the office in Send for a formal interview and successfully received an apprenticeship offer to join as a Junior Quantity Surveyor and started in January.

An apprenticeship like this is perfect for me while I’m studying because it enables me to earn while I study and put into practice what I am being taught in university.

Since joining Scitech everybody has been really friendly and made me feel at home here, I have developed new skills and gained more knowledge about the construction side of the pharmaceutical and life science industry.

I look forward to moving on, gaining more experience here at Scitech and progressing to a higher role within Scitech. Looking into the future, I can see myself working as a fully qualified Quantity Surveyor within Scitech running my own projects and small team.

Selina, Scholarship Student

Scholarship Work Experience – February 2018

As a sixteen year old student studying at Tormead School in Guildford, I applied to the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship scheme with not much expectation of being awarded anything. However, I received amazing news that Scitech had decided to sponsor me! I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to be mentored, given work experience and more from one of Britain’s best engineering companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

I excitedly arrived at the office on Monday for my first week of work experience with them having high expectations, and Scitech did not let me down! A full timetable with project work and introductions to the many disciplines incorporated into Scitech allowing me to have a full understanding of all the different sectors was given to me. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming which meant that it did not take me long to feel comfortable in the foreign environment. After my quick introduction on Monday, I went into my first meeting with Lauren, my mentor, and started work on one of their projects. After lunch, I had a Marketing and Business Development overview before carrying on with the same project. I then sat in another meeting with Lauren and made plans for the next day.

On Tuesday, I had an Accounting and Architecture overview and an introduction to Quantity Surveying. In between these, I had time to carry on with the project from the day before which included drawing lots of schematics which I had never done before.

With an introduction to Mechanical Engineering to begin my day on Wednesday, I finished drawing up the options for the project I had been working on and went into a meeting with the client to discuss it with them. Following that, I had an introduction to Building Services and an Electrical Engineering overview.

On Thursday, I worked with the CAD team who taught me how to draw up my schematics onto CAD. After my introduction to Construction Management, I finished drawing up the different options.

Friday was my last day and, as I had finished my project work I had been set, I was allowed to try out and play around with the 3D CAD software which I was really interested in learning about. It was obviously a lot more complicated than the 2D software but by the end of the day I had slowly began to design my future house.

My week of work experience at Scitech has confirmed my original plans to study engineering at university. I learnt so much more than I expected and had a lot of fun. In the future, I would love to be able to work with an engineering company such as Scitech who would help guide me towards having a successful and fulfilling career.

Grace, Marketing Assistant (Intern)

Mid-point of my internship – January 2018

I am now starting the 7th month of my internship and I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Scitech. I have learnt many new skills and developed my knowledge in the marketing and the life science sectors, knowledge and skills that cannot be taught in class rooms but only through the experience within a workplace and a job role. Therefore, I am very grateful to Scitech for giving me the opportunity to grow with them and for helping me to advance and start my career.

Choosing to take part in an internship before my final at year at University has prepared me for my dissertation year, as well as focused my determination in starting my career after graduation. After studying full-time at University (14 hour weeks) it was a big eye opener to starting full-time work at Scitech (40 hour weeks). It has helped me to develop my organisation skills inside work and my personal life, I have started to keep a diary to keep track of all the tasks that need completing throughout the week. I have also built upon my communication skills from speaking to someone in person, to writing an email or talking to someone on the phone. I first found the difference between communication within University and a business difficult to adapt to, due to the communication at University having a relaxed tone and a business having a professional tone, I quickly overcame this problem. Moreover, the friendly and welcoming environment within Scitech has helped me to adjust quickly from University to full-time work smoothly.

I am looking forward to the remainder of my internship and to going back to university to finish my degree so that I can kick start my career within marketing and the life science sector.

Charlie, Junior BIM Coordinator

Intern or Study – November 2017

After finishing my GCSE’s at 16 years old, I was interested in getting an internship straight out of school. However, due to the vast travelling required for the internship I had to politely decline the offer. In its place, I went onto study Construction in the Built Environment Level 3 at Guildford college. I can confirm that this was the best decision in my life, I have always been interested in the way different things are designed and then built to subsequently seeing them in person. Ultimately, going to college cemented my career path and stimulated my passion for BIM.

I was fortunate to complete college and go straight out into my career as a BIM coordinator and BIM technician. Following a few years of gaining experience, skills and knowledge within my job roles I had the desire to work for a medium sized company and to be a part of large and exciting projects to further my career and experience within BIM. For that reason, I applied at Scitech as their Junior/Intermediate BIM coordinator.

I am part of a major project for a global pharmaceutical company. I feel welcomed and accepted as part of the team at Scitech, if I encounter a problem or an obstacle everyone jumps to help me and treat it as a learning curve for my career. Furthermore, Scitech have already invested in me with a training course where I am expanding my knowledge within BIM, which I am thankful for.

Looking 5 years into the future, I can see myself working as a BIM technician within Scitech running my own projects and small team.

Daniel, CSV Specialist (young professional)

Two weeks on the front line – October 2017

During my last position, I was fortunate enough to have evinced what I wanted out of my career. I wanted to obtain a career in the most prestigious of pursuits (in my opinion): computer system validation. With the help of experience gained from a previous company, some private reading, a dozen emails and a couple of interviews, the object of my desire was offered and accepted.

I was placed within the QCS branch of Scitech and assigned to work with some of the most sagacious minds in the industry, within one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Although I have only been working for Scitech for two weeks, it has been an incontrovertible pleasure. I have already learnt so much and I have been able to swiftly adapt to the client’s culture with ease thanks to my new amicable and knowledgeable colleagues. It has been a great start to what I hope will be a long and prosperous career with Scitech.

In the future, I see myself being able to assist clients in delivering their requirements to satisfy quality and business expectations within a more senior position, whilst supporting others through the same process I am currently experiencing, with the same sedulous hospitality I have been shown.

Tom, Project Manager (young professional)

4 Years on – September 2017

I have been working at Scitech for nearly 4 years and have found myself a second home here. I started working for Scitech after completing my Masters in Construction Management and Undergrad in Architectural Engineering and Design Management at Loughborough University. My first experience with Scitech was summer and holiday experience during my Masters. Upon graduating I became a full time Scitech Employee.

With great guidance, making the transition from being in the studying world to being in the ‘real’ world was made so easy. Never did I find myself without a person to turn to, this helped my transition from ‘book’ learning to practically applying my skills. I started my life at Scitech as an assistant construction manager and quickly found myself as an assistant project manager, progressing along my career goals. With the help of management and a great team the transition was as smooth as it can be, some small hiccups along the way which were overcome.

I have recently progressed to Project Management, increasing my responsibility and further developing my skills in leadership and understanding of the Construction Industry. Scitech are continuing to support me in developing and becoming better. Here I have so many opportunities to get even better, being in such a supportive company has been very comforting during my progressing from University into the Construction Industry.

Looking forward to the future, I see myself running larger and more complex projects.

Parry, Validation Specialist (Graduate)

Early days of my career in validation – July 2017

Studying Chemical Engineering at university was one of the best decisions I have made in my life, due to its application across a wide range of sectors and the broad range of skills I developed during my engineering education. After gaining solid fundamentals during my undergraduate Chemical Engineering course at the University College London, I chose to pursue the MPhil in Advanced Chemical Engineering course at the University of Cambridge. During my Master’s course I chose to specialise in Pharmaceutical Engineering, as I saw a career in the Pharmaceutical and Life Science sectors as an excellent way to transform the world we live in. Due to my passion for new technologies , I did my research project in the Terahertz Applications Group. My research focused on developing the usage of terahertz technology to study the microstructure and disintegration process of pharmaceutical compounds.

Upon graduation, I began to search for pharmaceutical companies that had entry level/graduate positions. Scitech stood out as my top choice, as it provides specialised services to some of the biggest names in the industry. I feel extremely blessed to have been offered the Graduate Validation Specialist role at Scitech, as I learnt after starting that validation is a career path that experienced professionals in the pharmaceuticals industry pursue. I am also thankful to the Scitech staff I met during my first two days at work in the head office back in March, as their patience and guidance have eased my transition from being a graduate to a young working professional. On my third day, I went up North to begin supporting the client company I had been assigned. Despite the steep learning curve from day 1, I was able to pick up new skills and concepts quickly with the help of my managers and other team members on the project. Through well-structured on the job training, I had a clear idea and understanding of the fundamentals of validation. This has prepared me well for other tasks I am now working on and will definitely be useful for future projects, where a different skill set is required. One of the biggest enjoyments of working with staff from the client company and contractors is expanding my professional network and developing my people skills. My biggest motivation is thinking about how Perfect Outcomes can be delivered in every sphere of my work.

Being raised abroad, I have always described myself as an international citizen, due to my experiences studying and living in different countries and cultures. As travelling has become part of my second nature, driving across the country gives me the opportunity to appreciate the picturesque English countryside. In 5 years time, I see myself becoming an experienced validation specialist at Scitech, capable of demonstrating technical acumen to Scitech’s clients. I look forward to growing with Scitech and working on future projects, as it is truly an excellent company to forge a career at.

Grace, Marketing Assistant (Intern)

Business student in the life science sector – June 2017

Throughout school, I always knew I wanted to do a business management degree that gave me the option to take part in a ‘sandwich year’. This is where you take the third year out of university to work for a business to gain some insight into the future career you are planning and working towards. Except no-one told me how hard the processes, applications, assessment days and interviews would be before I started to apply for internships.

However, the university was extremely helpful in prepping us with workshops on ‘how to write a CV’ and ‘Interview prep’ but when it came to applying for internships I wasn’t expecting the difference in every companies’ recruitment process. I wrote essays, cover letters, answered tough questions about different industries, took time limited maths and English tests, competency test and so much more! It can get very confusing and daunting when you are going through 3-4 completely different recruitment processes at the same time. All this is done while you have essays and reports to write, as well as revise and sit exams for university. So, if you don’t already have excellent organisation skills, then you will by the end of this experience!

I began to apply for internships quite early in September 2016, I focused on roles within the recruitment and entertainment industries because they were very popular and well known amongst myself and my peers. However, I could not find an internship that appeared particularly exciting or engaging to me. As the time approached March 2017, I was given the option to go straight back to university to finish my degree in the third year or to have one last chance at finding an internship.

I expressed my frustrations and worries to a close friend and they suggested that I consider internships within the life science sector. At first glance I thought ‘there would be no place for a business management student within the life science sector’ because I lack extensive knowledge within STEM (science, technology, engineering, mechanics) subjects.

However, after a few weeks of research, I became very interested in the industry and I discovered Scitech. They are a small to medium business with expertise in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, laboratories, medical devices, manufacturing and so much more. Scitech were offering a marketing assistant internship as part of their 15th anniversary celebrations which are taking place throughout the year. I was invited for an initial interview at their head office where I felt immediately at ease within the business environment. After interviews and discussions, I was offered the internship to join their marketing team.

Now I am in the first month of my marketing internship and I find the life science sector even more interesting now that I am part of it. Scitech has given me the opportunity to grow with their company and I am very excited and grateful to be a part of such a welcoming and warm team. I Look forward to blogging about my experience within Scitech during the next nine months.