Project Architect – Antwerp

Project Architect


Authorized Architect; Project Management; Industrial/Business economics either through education or experience.

Key Skills and Core Competencies:

  • Competent Designer preferably with knowledge of the Life Sciences Industry and relevant knowledge of LSI processes;
  • Project Manager skills: people management, financials-, quality- and programme management;
  • GXP competent/experience and/or eager to learn techniques, processes and systems used in Life Sciences-, Pharmaceutical-, Bio-technology- and Health Scientific Industries;
  • Hands-on; Team player;
  • Working knowledge of 3D and BIM design software;
  • Understanding of project cost, risks and value in project and their business context;
  • Pro-active and flexible mitigation skills for potential project risks, whether from technical, costing or programme origin;
  • Representation and communication skills (verbal, written – Dutch, English, French, and preferably also German);
  • Flexibility aligned to business, market and customer needs.

Key Figures:

Projects – global budget: 0.5 to 20 mio€

Project Lead-time: 1 month to >2 years

Number of projects in parallel: 2 to 6

Total number of projects on a yearly basis: 15 to 25

Particular Responsibilities:

  1. Provide expert competent architectural services for the Company and its clients.
  2. Organise, lead and co-ordinate the architectural team on particular projects, acting as the primary representative of the architectural design team to the Project Manager, Design Manager and other parties.
  3. Produce suitable designs.
  4. Carry out architectural design activities using prevailing best practice techniques and tools, and ensuring compliance with Company Quality Procedures, requirements of the relevant contract and any other appropriate standards, guidance and good practice.
  5. Assist in the production of comprehensive deliverables lists for particular proposals and projects, with emphasis on the lists being complete early in the design stage.
  6. Schedule the necessary architectural design resource allocation for particular projects to produce deliverables within the required scope, cost, programme and quality parameters of the prevailing contract.
  7. Take part in the development of business development and work proposals for particular opportunities to ensure that design deliverables and related quality and resource requirements are suitably defined and included for.
  8. Organise and lead the architectural project design team to execute its part of the project, with emphasis on ensuring safety, quality and efficiency in design and in the design process, and within the required scope, cost, programme and quality parameters of the prevailing contract.
  9. Provide support and instruction to the architectural project design team to ensure the project and Company quality systems are the basis of all project design work. Assist in Quality Audits of the design team and its work.
  10. Assist the Project Manager, Lead Designer and Design Manager in the ongoing planning, monitoring and reporting of progress and resource requirements for particular projects.
  11. Act as Design Leader where so appointed to particular projects.Manage project architectural design resources to produce the required design deliverables, including the ongoing monitoring and reporting of resource usage, earned value and other requirements.
  12. Attend regular design progress reviews with the designers and Design Manager. Provide appropriate information to enable effective reporting and enable variances to be addressed.
  13. Lead the design co-ordination process on projects between the architectural group and other technical disciplines, and between SciTech and any third party designers.
  14. Ensure that change management is effectively executed within the project architectural design team.
  15. Assist in and ensure the production of design risk assessments. Ensure their regular review and, where necessary, revision and reissue.
  16. Actively contribute to design reviews such as Quality, Cost, Safety, Compliance, GxP, Constructability, Commissionability, HAZOP, Value, Risk, etc.
  17. Assist the Design Manager in assessment and training in quality and other technical matters to ensure that the architectural project design team are competent and effective.
  18. Actively pursue ongoing improvement in quality, efficiency, innovation, etc. within designs and the architectural design team.
  19. Maintain adequate Continuing Professional Development related to professional status and to ensure familiarity and competence with all areas relevant to the operations of the Company, including (but not necessarily limited to): all architectural strategies, directions, techniques, systems, equipment, innovations, requirements, etc.; current best practice in health, safety and environmental matters.
  20. Prepare, deliver and assist in technical and company presentations as part of any business development, internal or external training, seminar or other activities.
  21. Attend at client, supply chain or construction sites as necessary for the operations of the Company where related to architectural matters.


To apply for this position or request more information, please email your CV to [email protected] with contact details and availability. Please do not respond if you are representing a recruitment agency.

Note: Individuals from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) are required to be in possession of a valid work permit to allow them to take up employment (for more information please visit the Government’s website ).  Scitech Engineering do not provide sponsorship for visa applications, facilitate work permits or enable entry work visas for any role advertised.  All applicants must hold a valid permit to work in the region required by the role, prior to application, in order to be considered.

Key Details


Project Architect


Process Architect, Building- and Civil Architecture




Business Unit Operations Director


PM’s, Project Engineers, Design Manager, Colleague Architect, Design Engineers, Project Team, Client Team, Statutory Authorities