Project Delivery

Design & Engineering

Services provided include: location studies and site analysis; feasibility studies and options development; concept design; preliminary engineering; detailed design; procurement and inspection; and commissioning. In addition to conventional design and engineering computer-based software programs, the group also uses advanced methods such as computational fluid dynamics, and 3D and 4D animation.

  • Architectural
  • Interiors
  • Civil Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Controls & Instrumentation

Project Management

Scitech is totally committed to the application of formal project management to all areas of its operations, ensuring that all aspects of project delivery are correctly planned, monitored and controlled. This benefits clients by ensuring a disciplined, common approach to maximise the efficiency and quality of the services provided, and enabling the current and forecast status of all work to be available to the project team.We believe that only by securing the highest-calibre resource in terms of our personnel and the management systems they use will we be able to deliver the level of service to which we are committed. We continually assess the potential for change within a project, so that the impact of any change can result in informed decisions regarding the appropriate action we need to take.

Scitech’s management systems are structured to ensure that risk is recognised and managed early in a project, providing clients with the confidence that there will be no unpleasant project surprises.

At Scitech, we fully recognise the benefits of effective document management. We use a wide range of systems to improve the process of document management, including electronic document management systems that allow the entire project team to access all project documentation via a common web-based platform.

  • Risk Management
  • Programme Management
  • Project Reporting
  • Safety Management
  • Cost and Commercial Management
  • Supply Chain Integration

Construction Quality Management

We believe that effective construction management starts at the inception of a project, and only ends when a new or amended facility is accepted and properly operational. Our team has extensive construction-management experience, which minimises constructability-related risk and ensures that the ‘whole project’ philosophy is instilled in the complete project team.

  • Health and Safety Management
  • Commercial Planning and Controls
  • Quality Definition and Implementation
  • Information Management
  • Commissioning and Qualification
  • Chartered Building Company