Perfect Outcomes

World leading US owned Biotech manufacturer
Challenge: Restructure GMP documentation to achieve operational efficiencies.
Perfect outcome: 25% reduction in the number of SOP’s, reduced (but still compliant) documentation and improved operational efficiency.


Animal Health Pharmaceuticals manufacturer
Challenge: To achieve ‘continuous improvement’ in Compliance, Supply and Cost.
Perfect outcome: 20% reduction in product related deviations. Reduction of batch rejection. Lead times reduced by 50%.


World leading Animal Health Pharmaceutical manufacturer
Challenge: To resolve quality issues in relation to third party suppliers.
Perfect outcome: Scitech Process review and analysis resulted in improved quality, reduced batch failures and associated potential savings in excess of €20million.


World leading Animal Health Pharmaceutical manufacturer
Challenge: To achieve streamlined quality procedures globally across all client sites.
Perfect outcome: Risk benefit analysis of current procedures enabled standardized global sterilization procedure across all client sites. 15% reduction in FTE requirement and total project time.


GE Healthcare
Challenge: Introduction of Aseptic production into a terminal sterilisation site.
Perfect outcome: Scitech provided full Project Management for introduction of new process, equipment, analysis and QA release.  New manufacturing licence granted covering aseptic manufacture.